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Sayın Başbakanımızın Ab Konulu Basın Açıklaması , 21.01.2015

Sayın Başbakanımızın, AB Konseyi Başkanı Tusk ile 15 Ocak’ta Brüksel'de gerçekleştirdikleri görüşmenin akabinde yaptıkları basın açıklamasının metni aşağıda sunulmaktadır.


“Thank you Mr. President. First of all, I want to congratulate my dear, long time friend, President Tusk for his position as President of the European Council now. This is my first visit to Brussels in my capacity as Prime Minister. We have shared many views. In fact in Paris, we were together shoulder to shoulder against terrorism. Here I want to express our condolences and solidarity with French people. In European continent we do not want to see any extremist approaches in this way, terrorist attacks or in any way, extremist approaches against Muslims. European continent has been a  multicultural continent and continues to be so. Our common values  and value of mutual respect, they are all important values we share. I also want to express my thanks to my dear colleague about his efforts and understanding regarding Turkey's EU accession process. We shared our common objectives. We want to have a more sophisticated progress on accession, including opening chapter 17 soon.


The second issue we shared is updating Customs Union and a common approach in economic issues, especially regarding TTIP which is very important for Turkey to be part of this process.


Third issue we shared is Visa Liberalization Process. It is also very important for Turkish people. Turkish people deserved visa liberalization long before and we signed the Readmission Agreement and soon we will complete this process. Of course energy issues and other strategic issues including challenges in regional approaches like Middle East, Syrian and Iraqi crisis and many other issues we shared together. Turkey and EU has the same interest, same objective for establishing the peace and stability in neighboring regions.  Turkey is ready to work with EU in all fields regarding humanitarian and refugee crisis, resolving problems. We agreed to have more regular meetings, more regular consultations.


I hope with this visit, in the beginning of 2015, it will be one of the first of a series of meetings where Turkey and EU will work together and Turkish accession process will be completed with full membership as early as possible.”